Paint Coverage / Behr Paint


The amount of coverage specific quantities of paint depends upon several factors such as the apparatus, the thickness in which the paint is applied ie how many coats. Also the amount of paint to use depends upon the current color of the surface for example from going light to dark or dark to light you will want to prime first if going light to dark, have the primer tinted to aid coverage. The average price for a gallon of Behr is approximately $26 per tin as of writing this, however this can vary depending where you live.

On average a gallon of paint will cover approximately 250 to 300 ft². If you use a primer and have a white paint therefore can afford to dilutes somewhat, you may get up to 400 ft.², however it does depend on the shade of paint.

One of the secrets to making increasing the efficiency and coverage of the paint is the actual application. Below is a summary of how the page should be applied using different techniques and apparatus.


The paint should be brushed on and spread out across the brush. Then smoothed with tips on the Brush itself, this is referred to as tipping. When painting over strokes go back towards the last paint section. Doing this will help to stop marks appearing on the surface which are typically rough and thin.


The double roller is the best tool to use to get one coat coverage of a surface. The best practice here is to roll the paint onto a surface and wait for several minutes before rerolling over the paint. This helps to eradicate the problem of removing some of the drying paint when rolling over it immediately again. The key to this double rowing technique is time you only want to wait a few minutes, too long and paints will dry on the wall and you will be simply double coating.


To achieve one court coverage by spraying it is best to use an airless sprayer ,take note that there are poor quality airless sprays is available therefore always research before a purchase. Obviously spraying has the disadvantage that if furniture is present, it must be covered first, however the speed and efficiency of the sprayer is something that cannot be matched. Some sprayers will usually require some paint thinning, a great sprayer would be the electric cup guns which comes spray paint without thinning however you can expect a high cost of this apparatus. Finally to prevent over spraying masking is typically used.

Common Questions

What type of roller should I get

It depends upon the paint, synthetic rollers are good for latex based paints. If you're going to be using an oil based paint, then I suggest something natural such as wool.

Which brush type should I get to paint a door

A short bristle brush, however I'll go over the different types just for clarity:

  • Natural long bristle brush - Good for water and acrylic paints, the length of the bristels help to eliminate a patchy finish, therefore use to paint walls
  • Short bristle - Good for gloss enamels and thicker paints, good to paint wooden trims and doors with
Are cheap brushes still good

I would always advise spending a bit of money on brushes as they're a good investment. It depends on what you're painting, the more expensive it is the better brushes you should buy.