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Choosing The Right Color

sample of colors We have all encountered the problem of choosing a color for our interiors or exterior of properties. Standing in front of a colour chart listing hundreds of colors makes the decision even more difficult and tedious.

Thanks to technology there is a much better approach to solve this problem and save yourself a large amount of time and effort.

My Favourites

Below are my personal choices when it comes to wall paint colors, I have grouped this via room type to create a theme for each room.

Color Name Sample
Deep Garnet 110F 7
Forest Ridge 420F7
Canyon Cloud W D 410
Brook Trout 110E 2

The official Behr website has a virtual centre in which you can choose colors you like to use and see how they look on walls and ceilings. The beauty of this approach is that you can then simply walk into a home depot and pick up a color in seconds.

  • First visit their website you should see a button saying find your colour. From this you can choose a variety of shades, click the 'Start ColorSmart' button.
  • A new browser window will appear this will present to you three options:
  • Retrieve Color by Name or Code
  • Browser Range
  • View the inspiration library

Browsing the Range

This section allows you to choose various shades and depths such as oranges and yellows. You also given the ability to change a color by clicking the fine tuning button located at the right hand side of the website. This will allow you to add a certain amount of yellow, red or whatever the color consist of, which actually makes up the core itself. Once you have decided on a color you like you can order a sample, save the project, and also print out the page. This can be very useful one referring back to cause or even visiting a store to save see if they have a similar color in stock.

You have an option of choosing examples of exteriors or interiors; you'll be able to view a wide variety of different colour schemes which should help you make a decision on how you like your interior or exterior to look. This is particularly helpful and saves a lot of time.

Inspiration library

As an additional service you can also change certain core elements of a particular style this allows you to cater an interior or exterior to your personal preference and see how the colours look together in order to create a unique style catered to your tastes.

Common Questions

I have no idea what colors or theme I want, help!

It can be quite overwhelming, my advice here is to start small, use powder or a small patch of wall to experiment on.

Where than I draw inspiration from

I always suggest from funiture, ornamentals or art. Many objects you own will feature colors you like. Also try and think what mood you want the room to have, warmer? brighter etc. This should give you a color range to start working on, good luck!

I heard lighting is important

Yes, different lighting shows different colors, I reccommend natural daylight to see the truest colors, fluorescent can add a blueish tone to the color.